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i swear this time i’ll wake up in gensokyo

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I forgot that I took this screenshot last night, Polnareff what are you doing

the sequel
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Ms. Saigyouji recently opened a lingerie store in the Netherworld.

It’s called the Undead Underwear Company.

U. U. Co. for short.

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*goes to a party and awkwardly follows friend around the entire time*

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The Role of Gensokyo


Specifically, what is entailed in this line from Forbidden Scollery:


Pretty creepy thought, especially considering our general assumptions about Gensokyo. Even scarier considering how this is Hieda no Akyu saying it, one of the head figures for the human village. I think this is a very interesting quote to start on and to expand from, because it kinda makes a huge statement about the underlying role that Gensokyo has in relation to humans and youkai. 

But what was the original relationship between humans and youkai?

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